dietary catering in 6 Cuisine Styles

Ready-made sets consisting of 3, 4 or 5 balanced meals. Select the calorific value of the set corresponding to your needs. Every day for home or work you will receive tasty and healthy meals that provide the body with all the nutritional value.

Catering Dietetyczny Rzeszów, Mielec, Stalowa Wola, Tarnobrzeg, Sandomierz

A healthy diet without sacrifices!

We would also like to prove to you that the diet should be tasty and varied and the only sacrifice should be cooking.

Provide the body with healthy calories from tasty and healthy meals, eat in the right proportions, lose weight if you want.

Without leaving home, without washing dishes!

Choose your favorite Kitchen Cuisine and choose a calorific set that suits your needs. Do you want to lose weight? Select a calorific value lower than the value you need.

Healthy Dietary Catering for: Rzeszów, Głogów Małopolski, Kolbuszowa, Tarnobrzeg, Stalowa Wola, Gorzyce, Nisko, Sandomierz, Mielec.

Effective Box Diet

Each dish is balanced with the principles of healthy eating, prepared according to interesting and exceptionally tasty recipes. The meals are packed in disposable packaging, which can be heated in a microwave or oven after removing the foil.

choose your favorite

Different dishes every day

Every day you will try a composition of new flavors, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. You will not receive the same sets for at least 5 Weeks! You can change your Kitchen Style for free during the diet.

Meat, fish, poultry and meatless dishes

The variety of each meal is guaranteed by our Kitchen Styles. Each of them is characterized by its original taste. Some meals come in different Kitchen Styles. Each is characterized by taste and quality.

Healthyly cooked, wisely balanced

Tasty compositions without the use of harmful and processed additives. A variety of ingredients measured out and balanced in healthy proportions.

6 caloric variants

Choose the calorific value of the set of meals that meets your needs. You can now eat tasty food without worrying about the supply of nutrients to your body.


You don't have to cook anymore!

Dieta pudełkowa

Every morning you will receive your catering set with meals for the day! Your role will be to eat each of your meals at a specific, fixed time. Think now what to spend the time saved on cooking ?!

Each of your diet meals has a specific nutritional value! All of them together form a set of calories that you must consume during the day. Remove the foil and heat your tray with food in a microwave oven (about 4 minutes) or a stove (max 130C).

BIO and ECO packaging

In the interests of the natural environment, we use fully biodegradable packaging and BIO packaging (option)

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